Well, as you may have noticed dear reader, I haven’t updated this blog for a long while. I’m in the midst of updating to a new website that will be launching soon that I’m super excited for, and if you’re keen to see some more recent projects and what I’m up to, head on over to my Instagram feed. Nat x


I’m pretty super excited to be sharing my latest adventure in art direction with you, dear internets! For the last few months I’ve been madly working away on the 2014 collector’s edition of triple j’s annual magazine. It’s been an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience, working with such a crazy talented bunch of lovely people. Jam-packed with the year’s best bits of music, stories, gigs, festivals, beautiful illustrations, photography + more – with just a splash of gold bling – it’s on sale now from Newsagents, ABC Shops and Centres or ABC Online.

Cover credits: Illustration by Katherine Brickman. Photography by Russell Privett. Hand-Lettering by Nat Carroll.

birthday postcards cake hand drawn etsy

birthday postcards cupcake hand drawn etsy

birthday postcards candy lollies hand drawn etsy

I love receiving birthday cards. They are rare these days, which makes them all the more that little bit special when you get a surprise in the post! Here’s my latest labour of love to hit my online shop: a set of birthday postcards. Printed on a lovely thick card, they are then inked with silver metallic ink and and stickered with colourful triangles, lovingly applied to each card individually. Purchase and post a surprise from my Etsy store!

Standing desk

Late last year my superstar Dad offered to make me a standing desk after I had a chat to him about standing at a desk vs. sitting. And here it is! I’m now standing probably about 70% of the time – which took some time to get used to, but now feels great! Most of all I love that I now have a piece of furniture with me all day long that was made by my awesome Dad, not a Swedish conglomerate!

If you’ve not heard of the adverse health effects all-day sitting can have on your body, I recommend starting with this article that finally shook me into action.


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