birthday postcards cake hand drawn etsy

birthday postcards cupcake hand drawn etsy

birthday postcards candy lollies hand drawn etsy

I love receiving birthday cards. They are rare these days, which makes them all the more that little bit special when you get a surprise in the post! Here’s my latest labour of love to hit my online shop: a set of birthday postcards. Printed on a lovely thick card, they are then inked with silver metallic ink and and stickered with colourful triangles, lovingly applied to each card individually. Purchase and post a surprise from my Etsy store!

I’ve been making a fun little promo pack to send out to select record labels, management and promoters whom I’d very much like to collaborate with. Fingers crossed that they get pinned up / shared / admired! Lately, it’s been a little on the quiet side for illustrative work, so hopefully I’ll be hand–making some more great things for great people soon!

If you’d fancy a promo pack yourself, please email me with your deets – I do love the sending of snail mail!

Oh! and lovely printing from the excellent and fast Digital Press in Sydney.


Self promo mailer

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