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If you’re having trouble finding an answer here, please get in touch and send me an email.

 You’d be collaborating with a creative who understands the principles and contemporary practice of branding, design and illustration. I place a great importance in the value of a strategic, researched project that results in meaningful design. My creative process involves understanding your goals and issues, to really drill down and decipher the best outcome for you and your audience. Through creative strategy, I aim to help achieve your goals, be they, bettering your brand positioning, developing a stronger connection to your audience, improving perceptions, changing minds, increasing revenue, or making something that looks and feels beautiful! Have a read of some of the feedback I’ve received from past projects, to get a further glimpse as well.

 As an artisan, hands–on designer/illustrator, I’m better equipped with the skills, knowledge and style to work within these fields. My past experience, understanding of youth, cultural and professional audiences, and illustrative style, compliment these fields. Learn more about my background in my bio.

 I collaborate on creative projects that span identity, design, and illustration to help create a story that uniquely expresses your brand, service, product and/or art. Here’s a list of the types of projects I work on:

Branding & Rebranding * Logo & Identity Design * Books, Magazines, Reports & Brochures * Data & Infographic Design * Posters & Postcards * Album Artwork & Packaging * Typography & Layout * Hand Lettering * Illustration * Website & Digital Design * WordPress & Template Set–Ups * Social Media Set–Ups * Studio Photography

I also happily collaborate with third parties to ensure you receive a well managed and streamlined process that allows you to focus on the bigger picture.

 Successful design and illustration connects with it’s audience – by communicating tone and values, creating unique differentiation, it informs, communicates – even contributes to altering our culture. My creative process involves firstly understanding your goals and issues, to achieve this type of meaningful design. Be it, getting people to attend your event, or say, needing to update your brand for a new era, there is a creative process for defining and solving that puzzle and developing a remarkable response – a response that is meaningful, audience–focused and much more likely to achieve the objectives you have in mind.
That process, in short, goes a little something like this:

  1. Receive a clear and informative design brief that defines your objectives
  2. Explore and understand the design brief, clarify, reiterate
  3. Investigate the design problem from all angles
  4. Reflect on the research
  5. Develop concepts with newly understood insights and creative gusto!
  6. Present concepts and discuss
  7. Question and refine, then implement the design direction over the entire project
  8. Sign off and launch – onwards to the printer / developer
  9. Where appropriate, evaluate with any newly found hindsights and improve

If you’d like to learn more about my approach, I’ve written about the value of process on my blog, here.

 I charge a flat per project fee, that is based on the value I bring to a project – the final product along with my expertise, experience, creativity, strategic thinking, and time. Of course, there are some occasions when an hourly rate or day rate is more appropriate, though. Please send me an email for my rates.

Factors considered when quoting a fee for a project include; the value of the project and it’s goals, the project scope / deliverables, timeline, at what point of the project am I to be involved in, how much conceptual vs. production work will be required. It’s best to email me directly to organise a meeting so that we can discuss your project needs.

 Generally, the time frame for projects such as Identity, Website Design, Album Artwork, Publications and Packaging are 4 – 8 weeks; Illustration, Posters, Promotional Materials are 1 – 3 weeks. Branding, depending on the complexities of the design problem and how many parties are involved can range from 4 weeks and upwards – an optimal minimum when starting from scratch is 6 weeks.

Like with most creative processes, the longer one spends on a project, the more refined the final outcome. That said, in reality we don’t always have that luxury! If my schedule allows for it and you’re in a hurry, I’m happily flexible to meeting much faster–paced deadlines.

 To provide you with a fair and accurate quote I like to have on hand the following details:

  • Your name and contact details, and who you are
  • What type of services you require (Eg. Rebrand / Tour Campaign / Website Illustration)
  • What the project deliverables are (Eg. Branding Guidelines Document / A2 Poster & DL Flyer / 600px wide Illustration etc.)
  • Reasons why you are undertaking this project (Eg. New positioning in market / Going on national tour / Blog article needs illustrating)
  • What your goals are for this project
  • What your timeframe is
  • Any other information you feel is important for me to know

The most ideal scenario is, time permitting, having a meeting to discuss your project, or completing and emailing me answers to a quote questionnaire, as this will give me the best understanding of your project. If you’re just after a price range though, the above list is completely sufficient!

 Yes! You can download a design brief / questionnaire from here.
I also have an artist specific brief for musicians, filmmakers, directors and other artists which can be downloaded from here.

 I feel that design is about finding a suitable, tailored response to a problem that involves artisan creativity and skill – hence, the Seamstress!

 The Seamstress is a moniker for me, Nat Carroll. Hi! You can get to know more about me on my bio page.

 Please email me with your requests and a description of the project you’re working on before taking any imagery from my site. Work in my portfolio is copyrighted to me and / or exclusively licensed to my clients and can not be reproduced without prior consent. Thank you.


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