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“Screen Illawarra South East (SISE) is a newly begun regional screen organisation engaged by Screen NSW to deliver a screen production attraction, facilitation and local industry development service in the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Inland regions. This necessitated brand development and implementation. In looking for a designer, I wanted someone who understood the feel of the region, but who also understands the digital realm. As our clients are primarily visual professionals I also needed someone whose aesthetic was of the highest standard, fine-tuned and contemporary. Melbourne based, but originally from the south coast, Nat fit the brief perfectly. Her analysis of our design needs helped clarify how we wanted to present SISE to the world – she very patiently weeded out the essential from the non-essential and presented us with a brand and website design that we feel embody and express our mission beautifully.

I believe that the Seamstress has a rare combination of left brain analytical, organisational skills and right brain free flowing creativity; it was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational process working with Nat and I think the results speak for themselves.”

Hiromi Matsuoka – Producer – Screen Illawarra South East


Since Nat has been working on, we’ve gone from being a bleak and visually confused brand, to a modern, youth-friendly, creative and consistent brand. She has excelled, and consistently deciphered what was needed from oftentimes vague briefs.

She has managed to turn around work with great speed, flair and efficiency and hasn’t batted an eyelid at the fact that we always have to include youth ambassadors in the feedback process, not just the marketing team – something many designers would find tiresome. Not only this, but she has been flexible in her delivery, and her new interpretation of our brand not only has gone a long way to helping us reach and help more young people, but making seem relevant and appealing to them.”
Nathalie Swainston – Brand & Marketing Manager –


Working with Nat was fantastic. As well as being highly creative and thorough, professional and dependable, I found her to have fantastic communication skills.

Nat worked with me entirely through email and Skype conversations to develop a whole package under very tight timeframes. It included my logo, EP artwork, and tour poster. People always remark on how beautiful they are and ask me who did it.”
Rose Wintergreen – Musician

“I have been working with Nat (the Seamstress) for over 5 years. She has been incredible to work with in many capacities. She has the ability to always bring my briefs alive and go beyond my expectations in the design process & final outcome. Nat is 100% diligent and always meets our deadlines. I will use her services for years and years to come.

If she was a movie I would give her 5 stars.”

Greg Carey – Corporate Director – Music NSW


We are totally stoked with the result. It was great to work with someone who had initiative and good eye for detail.

I have worked with some art guru’s in the past and it has proven to be nothing but a painful nightmare. It was a real treat to be involved with someone who knew exactly what we wanted – even if we were a little unsure ourselves! I think the questionnaire / brief at the beginning was a good aid.”
Andrew Pearsall – Musician – Solkyri


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