I work side by side with brands who are motivated to change something about the world – those who want to communicate to shift minds, provoke, awe, encourage, or to tackle problems that make waves and move mountains.

For fifteen years now, I’ve worked with clients like these, approaching the creative process with an illustrative, expressive style, a collaborative, think-out-loud approach, emphasis on time to reflect and think strategically, building for longevity, and distilling from complex problems to find the heart of an identity so that I can help communicate ideas for people who build great, wonderful, inspiring things.

I spend most of my days immersed in the studio space I love for thinking, tinkering and making, here in the stunning seaside village of Bermagui, on the far south coast of NSW. From here I work remotely with lovely people that have included ABC Magazines, triple j, ReachOut.com, Young & Well CRC and MusicNSW.

When I’m not working on client work or side projects, you’ll find me swimming, reading, growing my indoor plant jungle, or travelling; somewhere between this stunning coastline and other far-off lovely places in the world.

Let’s play together…

And work to create beautiful, thoughtful design that helps you to spark joy and curiosity, to be relevant and valuable to your audience, to build a stand-out style of communication that cuts through the noise with your unique voice and values, increases brand equity and awareness for the long term, that transforms you into feeling incredibly proud, supported and empowered by your work and projects.

Love a good adventure? Let’s grab a coffee.

Things that make me smile –

Music * the Arts * Films * Watching West Wing over + over again * Drawing & Illustration * Patterns * Photography * Visual communication * Writing * Reading oh so many books * Magical realism * Good food and company * Camping * Traversing the earth * Cuba * Bolivia * Italy * New York * Plants * Gardening * Nature * Living next to the ocean * My gorgeous rescue dog named Mollie * Meditation * Making plans * Making lists * Making things * And flicking paint with old toothbrushes…

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